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Handle Bar Box
Handle Bar Box


Ditch the tank bag for a non obstructed gas cap and still keep your things in a waterproof container. This box is designed to fit dual sports to large adventure bikes to Harley sportsters. It attaches with large zip ties to your motocross style handlebars and it attaches very solidly. It is welded ABS plastic and features a friction hinge to hold the lid open while riding. It also features one handed open and close so that you can get to your things more easily while riding. It does not obstruct the gas cap and still allows you too view your dash easily. It includes 3 large zip ties and gasket around the opening to keep dust and water out. there is a grommet in the bottom of the bag so that you can run power out to your bike for a usb charger and an led interior light. most full size guns will fit in too the box but you could also attach it too the top of the box for really easy access. you could also attach GPS or smartphone mounts to the top and with friction hinge it will still hold the lid up.
It is shown here on a 2015 BMW R1200GSA
interior light
usb charger
$ 159.00