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Pelican 1150 Handlbar Box for 1 1/4 handlbars
Pelican 1150 Handlbar Box for 1 1/4 handlbars

This box will mount to any motorcycle with 1 1/4” handlebars. will bolt right up any 2013 and up water cooled r1200gs or r1200gsa. You don’t even have to remove the box to put gas in your tank on this particular bike. It is a perfect fit for the most popular adventure bike on the market.
This Pelican 1150 box From Our hard parts company, Fox Hill Moto is made so that you can easily have access to essential items such as your wallet, keys , cellphone, sidearm, toll money, or whatever else you need to get quickly. It also features a quick release mechanism so that you can remove and reattach the box with only a few movements. To remove it you need to pull the pin and twist the hook and then pull back and lift and its off. We have used this box extensively and i can tell you that none of us would leave home with out it. Unlike conventional tank bags and zipper style handlebar bags you can access it easily, and remove it easily as well, with out the use of a fiddly zipper or some kind of strap. it is mounted with a clamp around the handlebar and then tightened with two hex head bolts. the handlebar bracket stays attached to the bike and you can just remove the box when camping or going in for the night with out the use of any tools. it also features a slot so that you can padlock it so no one can take off with it. Of coarse the Pelican case can also be padlocked. Pelican cases also carry a lifetime warranty fro breakage or damage of any kind. All Hardware and mounting brackets are included with the box.

$ 199.00